Saturday, December 20, 2014

“How can I complain about anything when I have so much”….California Diaries # 13: Maggie Diary Three

Maggie has the most annoying problems ever.  Her father’s producing a new movie, a teen romance starring the hottest teen heartthrob of the moment, Tyler Kendall.  He makes Maggie go to some party with the cast of the movie where she’s surprised to find she actually likes Tyler.  He invites her to come visit the movie set, and then to have dinner with him.  Some paparazzi takes a picture of them so all her friends and others at school keep trying to talk to her about him. 

At the party where she met Tyler, her father told people on the crew that Maggie was a musician and gave a tape of her band to his assistant director.  She loves it and decides to use Maggie’s band in the film in a scene where the main characters are dancing/hanging out/falling in love.  Maggie also gets to have all her friends be extras in that scene.  Then she acts all annoyed that people at school keep talking to her like it’s a big deal to be in a movie.   She figures it will be a really short scene and people shouldn’t be excited about it. 

Anyway, Maggie angsts about dating a movie star because she can’t tell if he really likes her and doesn’t like that reporters are following Tyler around.  She also doesn’t like seeing Tyler and his costar act like they’re in love for the movie, even though she knows they’re just acting.  Later, Maggie has some party and he shows up really late because filming went long and she’s annoyed about that.  But she decides she really does like Tyler and that he isn’t a typical shallow movie star.
  • Maggie’s father gives her a “Handy palm” computer, which I guess is the BSC version of a Palm Pilot.  She all embarrassed at the idea of taking it to school and using it in front of her friends.  What an awful problem to have.  Seriously, she has such a rough life.
  • We also see Maggie angst because that Justin guy she used tolike is dating someone else.  That could actually be a relatable problem, but she annoys me so much in the rest of the book I don’t care.
  • Maggie gets embarrassed because she’s the only one of her friends who can afford to shop at some expensive store.  But she was the one that brought up going there and she’s totally cool with the salesperson catering to her after she realizes who she is and how much money Maggie’s mother spends there.
  • The first time Maggie visits Tyler on set, his manager thinks she’s a fan and tries to keep her from Tyler, so she says who her father is.  Then she says she’s never name-dropped him like that before.  Even though earlier she was perfectly fine with Sunny telling the salesperson at the expensive store who she was.
  • I like Maggie’s therapist.  Early on she tells Maggie that liking a movie star doesn’t make a person shallow and that movie stars aren’t necessarily bad.  Maggie doesn’t seem to believe her though.
  • Maggie’s band playing in the movie means we also get to hear her be all nervous about how she’s a crappy singer despite how often people say how great she is.
  • Maggie’s mother tells her she’s crazy to date any Hollywood person, and Maggie whines about her being an alcoholic.  Okay, I’ll give her that an alcoholic mother’s a legitimate problem.
  • But don’t complain about the advice when Maggie herself would normally say the same thing.
  • Jill’s one of the people at school super-excited about Tyler, so Maggie’s nice and includes her as an extra in the movie.
  • At Maggie’s party she gets out ice cream bars and everyone’s super into eating them.  Even Dawn and Sunny.  I guess we really are supposed to forget that they were all into health food before?
  • Maggie decides she’s all in with Tyler after she learns he wants to be a veterinarian someday.  Because I guess the fact that he doesn’t want to be an actor forever makes him a better person?  Maggie’s pretty judgmental like that.
  • Does anyone watch the show Scorpion? It’s about this super-genius that helps solve crimes/help the government with stuff.  I mention it because in the show’s weekly intro, the main character says how his IQ is 197, the 4th highest ever recorded.  Every time I hear it, I think how Janine Kishi’s IQ was 196, so does that make her the 5th highest ever recorded? If so, why do people think it’s so great she takes community college classes? The Scorpion guy was hacking into NASA at age 11.  Maybe that’s what Janine was secretly doing on her computer all the time?


Mouse said...

I completely agree with you on Maggie. Her poor little rich girl shtick gets old really fast. I mean, if you're embarrassed to have an expensive gadget that your friends can't afford, here's a tip: don't use it. Just write in your notebook like everyone else. Again, the song "Common People" by Pulp so perfectly fits her that were it not for the fact that Maggie is a fictional character, I'd wonder if it was written about her.

Allison said...

Yes, wouldn't we all like to have Maggie's problems minus the alcoholic mother. Seriously.