Monday, April 6, 2015

BSC TV Series Episode # 3: Stacey’s Big Break

Memory Reaction

I actually saw this episode when I was a kid, so I thought I’d do this memory section again.

I remember Stacey making a big deal out of how she had to wear shorts outside when modeling.  And that first the rest of the BSC thinks she was wearing them inside, and got all impressed when they found out otherwise.  It was winter, obviously.  I also remember how Stacey clicks her tongue to give Charlotte confidence or something when she’s in a play.  I thought it was really sweet at the time.

Revisited Reaction
The girls are putting on a play with the kids they sit for, because, why not? It’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and the BSC thinks Charlotte’s perfect for the part, despite her ridiculous stage fright.  Stacey says Charlotte trusts her and will do it if she asks.  Nice manipulation of a kid, Stacey.  She tells Charlotte they'll have a special signal that should help Charlotte not be scared when she hears it.  This special signal’s just Stacey clicking her tongue, so I don’t know how secret it is.  But Charlotte’s eight, so whatever.  

Anyway, it's also a big week for Stacey elsewhere, because she gets spotted by some kind of modelling agent who wants her to meet with a photographer.  That turns into a test shoot, and then some actual modelling gigs.  She even gets to be the local store’s representative in some "New Faces Competition."  And she wins! Of course, this comes with a price, and that’s that Stacey misses a bunch of Snow White rehearsals.  Charlotte’s not happy about this and says she can't do it without her. The other sitters try to help, but Charlotte won’t tell them about the secret magic tongue clicking thing.  But eventually she does agree to let Dawn help her learn her lines.  Then Stacey’s all annoyed that Dawn’s taking her place.

Stacey’s sure she can go to the performance, but winning the contest has led to more jobs, including an opportunity to be in a commercial and go on a trip to Hollywood.  But Stacey finds out she'll have to miss the Snow White performance.  She quits the modelling and shows up at the play just in time to see Charlotte freezing on stage (and by stage, I mean someone's living room).  She clicks her tongue and Charlotte remembers her line and all’s well.  Stacey says she's okay walking away from modelling because anyone can do that, but not just anyone can be in the BSC.  Which is kind of cliquey if you think about it.

  • There’s a mention of the Little Miss Stoneybrook pageant and how Charlotte totally flamed out during her performance.  And yet, the girls still think it’s a good idea to cast her as the lead in the play.  Just because she looks the part? They must have a bunch of dark-haired girls who would love to do it.  Why force Charlotte to do something she doesn’t want to do?
  • When Stacey gets a sitting job for Charlotte, Stacey’s all, “great, she’s my favorite.”  As if the other girls in the room didn’t already know Charlotte was her favorite.
  • There’s a line about Stacey liking Bill Cosby, which I think is actually good continuity with the books.  I remember one where she and Becca are watching The Cosby Show.  I have no other comment on Bill Cosby…. 
  • Kristy says how she would hate modeling, because she even hated to pose for pictures at her mom’s wedding.  But I remember her being surprisingly excited about getting to dress up for that wedding.  I know that’s not the same as posing for pictures, but still.
  • Stacey spends ages deciding what to wear for the first meeting with the photographer, and then we see her getting her picture taken in it.  Wouldn’t they give her something to wear? I can see picking out a nice outfit because she wants to make an impression, I just think they’d have her change for the photos, even if it’s a test.
  • It’s a cute scene, but I can’t believe Stacey would ask the other BSC members what to wear.  She’s Ms. Fashionista, would she really need to ask Mallory or Kristy how she looked?  I can only see that happening if she ignored their advice.
  • There’s a young boy who refuses to wear tights in the play, but I can’t figure out who he’s supposed to be.  It’s bothering me.
  • When Stacey walks into the Snow White performance, it sort of seems like Charlotte’s first scene, because you’d think that’s when stage freight would start.  Except it’s the scene where Snow White wakes up at the dwarves’ house.  So did she perform fine at the beginning and then just lose it?
  • Jackie Rodowski’s supposed to be one year younger than Charlotte, but the actor looks a lot older to me.
  • Surprisingly absent in all this is Mrs. McGill.  Stacey goes to the test shoot and all her jobs by herself.  Her only supporter at the contest is the BSC. And even when she quits she’s alone.  Wouldn’t there be contracts and stuff a parent was needed for?
  • There’s a scene where the BSC’s eating at a pizza place, and Charlotte comes in with her mom.  Stacey walks over, has this whole conversation with Charlotte and Dr. Johanssan doesn’t even acknowledge her.  It’s kind of funny, actually.  We do hear Stacey saying good-bye to her, but I guess that actress wasn’t allowed to talk or something, because she doesn’t say it back or even smile at her.
  • I wouldn’t expect the BSC’s play to be in some big theater, but it’s literally in someone’s living room.  Stacey shouldn’t have needed to click her tongue, Charlotte would have just seen her.  And I don’t think I see any parents in the audience for this play, which seems odd.  Do they have a maximum number of adults they can hire?
  • Kristy plays Prince Charming in the play.  In case you are curious.
  • The woman who seems to be Stacey’s agent seems to work for Bellairs (that department store in Stoneybrook).  Because she picks Stacey to be the store’s representative in the contest.  Then she also seems to be hosting the contest, which seems like an unfair bias.  But maybe I misunderstood and it was a contest to pick the face for the store?