Tuesday, April 14, 2009

“Coach! I liked the sound of that.”……..BSC # 20: Kristy and the Walking Disaster

Memory Reaction

I…am coming up with nothing. I know I read this book a million times, because I found my old copy and the cover was worn off. And I remember the complete plot. I just can’t remember what I thought of it. I am even having trouble guessing what my childhood brain would have thought (thinking about it now).

Revisited Reaction

Kristy realizes that her siblings and some of her neighbors really like softball, but all suck at it. She hears about a guy in her neighborhood who has his one softball team for kids, but he can’t take on any members. So, she decides to start her own team, the Kristy’s Krushers. Most of the standard BSC clients join – at least the ones that suck at sports. Basically, the team is for kids who are too or too embarrassed or young to play in Little League.

The kid who coaches the other team, is Bart, who Kristy immediately develops a huge crush on. The two of them decide to have a game between their two teams. Bart’s team has some older kids so they beat the Krushers pretty easily. But then Bart asks Kristy out, which thrills her, and they decide to have more games between the two teams.

As for the title reference to “walking disaster,” that is Jackie Rodowski. He is on the team, but constantly causes disasters because of how klutzy he is. I don’t know why he is named in the title, he isn’t really in the book more than any other kid on the team. Kristy does single him out (in her head), to keep pointing out how he always looks messier than the other kids. It is kind of mean, especially since Jackie seems like a sweet kid. But again, he doesn’t do anything to drive the plot. He’s just there.


  • There is some foreshadowing to Emily’s adoption, because Kristy tells us how her mom wants another kid. She is surprised because her mom is at least thirty-seven. She doesn’t know how old her own mom is?

  • Kristy gets nervous around Bart because he looks at her like she is a hot movie star. It kind of reminds me about when Alan asked her out and she was so flattered someone liked her that she said yes.

  • Myriah and Gabbie Perkins are apparently gifted at sports as well as everything else.

  • What exactly is a “rec room?” I have never heard anyone use that term to describe their house, except of course in the BSC. I would guess it is a basement, but Kristy talks about going downstairs to the rec room, then downstairs again to the basement. Am I just clueless about something?

  • The team wants to spell “crushers” with a K, to go with Kristy’s name. Karen is a brat and complains they are spelling it wrong. She even refuses to use the K on her team shirt. Brat. I thought she was supposed to be creative, not an obsessive compulsive.

  • I don’t really see Charlotte Johanssen being a cheerleader. At first she just writes the cheers, but she ends up cheering at the game.

  • Gabbie Perkins is on the team, at two-and-a-half. I think when I read these originally, I didn’t really realize how little that is. How can someone that young really play baseball? And what parent lets there kid play at that age? It is absurd.

  • Jackie breaks a window at the elementary school with a baseball, and the school makes him pay for it (or his parents, anyway). I am trying to decide if that would really happen, or if the school would use insurance.

  • Dawn sees Kristy talking to Bart at a practice and then writes in the club notebook about how she can tell Kristy likes him. That seems a little bitchy, but also like something a real teenager would do.

  • The boys on Bart’s team make fun of Matt Braddock for being deaf. Assholes.

  • So, Bart is oblivious to his team making fun of the Krushers while it is happening. But later, he tells Kristy he found out and apologizes. I want to know how he found out? Did the kids confess or something?

  • The BSC actually cancels a meeting the day before the game. I’m shocked.

  • Ha. After the game, Bart asks Kristy to walk home and her family and Claudia and Dawn all give each other these knowing looks. It is kind of funny, but Kristy is so happy when he says he wants to be “friends,” which is kinda cute.


Anonymous said...

A rec room is short for "recreation room". Like a game room, or a family room, or a den. I guess it could be in the basement, but definitely doesn't have to be. Hope that helps!

Jen said...

rec room = lobby / family room / den but no one I know calls it that anyway

Lauren said...

My niece is 2 1/2. No way can a 2 1/2 year old play softball. I threw a foam ball with her the other day and the whole game consisted of her missing the ball and laughing when it hit her.

nikki said...

Even reading this book when I was 11, I knew a 2 1/2 year old couldn't play ball. Now that my own son is exactly 2 1/2, I realize how completely laughable it is. My son is fairly physically advanced. And at 2 1/2, that means he can go up and down stairs without stepping with both feet on each step. It does NOT mean he can play ball. At this age, he hasn't even committed to being right or left handed yet!

Sadako said...

Of all the unrealistic things, I think Gabbie bothered me the most. Also, how they'd pitch to her with a wiffle ball? But, um, she's still going to be on a base when the real ball is in play. What if she gets brained by a fly ball? Grrr.

Also gotta feel bad for the Bashers pitcher--you can't strike out a 2 year old. You just can't.

Anonymous said...

I recently re-read this one. The kid making fun of Matt Braddock sucked, but he got his comeuppance when Haley Braddock threatened to beat his ass.

Devika said...

I never particularly cared for this book as a kid, but a couple of years ago I became friends with Danny Tamberelli (who played Jackie Rodowsky in the BSC TV show, as well as little Pete in "Pete & Pete"), and ever since then I've had a strange affinity for this and all Jackie-centric BSC books. I think some part of my sub-conscious likes to think Jackie is my real-life friend or something.

Sadako said...

Devika--you know Danny Tamberelli?! Awesomeness. I loved Pete n Pete.

maria said...

How awesome, Devika! You know Little Pete!

I own this book and have never read it. I think it's because Kristy is my least favorite babysitter and Kristy's Krusher's stories were never interesting to me.

booboobrewer said...

Re: knowing how old your parents are or what year they were born...some kids just don't care about that stuff and don't bother to find out. It does strike me as a little odd that Kristy wouldn't know her mom's age, though, because she just seems like the type of person who would, I guess.

I really don't think Karen is a brat at all for wanting to spell Krushers correctly. She's just seven! And a huge stickler for spelling, which is very evident in the Little Sister series.

Lauren said...

I always thought it was weird that they'd make a point of saying that Gabbie used a Wiffle ball, but not the other kids. I guess if a 2 1/2 year old is playing softball, of COURSE they need a Wiffle ball (the absurdity of her playing softball aside) but I can't imagine playing softball with anything BUT a Wiffle ball until I was at least in middle school.

edkchestnut said...

OMG, I have three kids. My youngest and only girl is now 2 and a half and could never play softball or wiffle ball and she is a very normal, typical, very intelligent child. The Perkinses must have had like magic water or something.

Britt said...

My boyfriend is 23 and doesn't know how old his mother is. I do (she's 53), and he's the one that actually lived in her womb. Also, he knows that she was 30 when he was born... that is REALLY easy math haha. Some people are just clueless with dates and ages. My 12-year-old brother thinks I'm 25 (I'm 23).