Tuesday, June 30, 2015

BSC TV Series Episode # 7: Dawn and the Dream Boy

Memory Reaction
I never saw this episode as a kid.
Revisited Reaction
Dawn has a crush on this boy at school, Jamie Anderson, but doesn’t really know him.  Mary Anne sort of knows him because he coaches Jackie Rodowski’s soccer team, so Mary Anne offers to talk Dawn up to him when she’s picking up Jackie (coincidentally happening the next day).  She does this, and in the process mentions that she and Dawn are sisters.  The next day at school Mary Anne introduces Dawn to Jamie, then leaves to go to class.  Jamie asks Dawn if she’s going to the big soccer game coming up, then asks for her phone number.  Dawn’s super excited.

Later, Dawn and Mary Anne are at home talking about Jamie.  Carol yells “telephone” from off screen and Dawn rushes to pick it up.  It’s Jamie.  He asks her to go to the game and she says yes. However, when Jamie comes to pick her up we find out that he THOUGHT he had been talking to Mary Anne on the phone and that the date was with her.  Dawn’s understandable embarrassed, but also pissed at Mary Anne.  Mary Anne tries to nicely point out it’s not her fault, but Dawn keeps refusing to talk to her, so Mary Anne gets pissed herself.  They keep fighting, and this causes a scene when the BSC’s decorating for a school dance.  Kristy intervenes and makes them talk to each other.  Dawn realizes she was wrong to think Mary Anne would do something like that, but Mary Anne still ends up apologizing to her.

Anyway, the BSC all goes to the dance as a group, but Jamie ends up asking Dawn to dance.  It sort of looks like Mary Anne joins them in a little dancing threesome, but she could also be dancing with someone else. The guys on this show all look alike.  In fact, all the girls get asked to dance.  Because that’s the only way to have a happy ending, I guess.
  • Dawn has bangs.  For some reason I never pictured her like that, I pictured them just as long as the rest of her hair.  I can’t remember what was on the book covers.
  • Mallory says that her cousin calls guys and pretends she’s calling them back.  Like actually just say has a message from them as an excuse to call.  Interesting.
  • When did Mary Anne get bold enough to talk to a guy she barely knows about Dawn?
  • Jamie’s supposedly coaches Jackie’s junior team, but at practice there’s only three people.  I know very little about soccer, but I know you need more people than that.
  • Having someone say the line “you’re blushing” doesn’t work on a TV show when the actress isn’t actually blushing.
  • Dawn wears a big pink hair barrette in her hair when she has a red shirt on. Red and pink? Who does she think she is? Claudia?
  • They don’t specifically say, but I guess this Jamie kid is new. Otherwise he would have known Mary Anne and Dawn were step-sisters and that Mary Anne had a boyfriend.  I always got the feeling that everyone knew everyone in Stoneybrook.
  • Dawn asks an unnamed client how long she’ll be gone because she wants to be home for an important call.  First, wouldn’t she already know how long the job was for? Second, way to be unprofessional.
  • Dawn worries that she looks terrible before her soccer game date.  She does, but it’s not her fault fashion was so bad back then. 
  • Wow, the actress playing Dawn is awful.  When she realizes the guy thought he was asking out Mary Ann her line readings made me cringe.
  • Kristy calls the food in the school cafeteria gross.  Yay, points for book continuity.  Except only a few, because in the books she always bought it anyway, here she has a bag lunch.
  • Dawn and Mary Anne do that annoying telephone game cause they won’t talk to each other.  Like they’ll be right next to each other, but ask someone else to ask the other person a question, so we have to hear everything 2-3 times.
  • Kristy has a mature way of mediating the fight.  I’m serious.  She says they both get to tell their whole stories then the rest of them get to talk about it. 
  • Why does Mary Anne apologize? Ugh.  She did nothing wrong.
  • The BSC volunteered to be the decorating committee for a school dance, which makes sense, but it’s weird because Jackie Rodowski is there when they are setting up. I thought it might be because they had a sitting job and brought him along, but they also bring this other girl, Emma, who also “wanted to help.”  I don’t remember any kids named Emma.  There’s no reason for little kids to be helping them with middle school stuff.
  • At the end when they show the girls dancing, Mal’s dancing with red head and Jessi with black guy. That seems….weird.  


Katarina Whimsy said...

So, it is entirely possible that over the last two weeks, I read your entire blog start to finish. (I had read much of it before).

I applaud your generous efforts in making sure the entire BSC canon is immortalized in your brilliantly funny recaps. Thank you! I will add my voice to the people suggesting you suffer through the Little Sister books for us.

(Or at least the Kids in Ms. Coleman's class? I had one of them and thought it was kinda cute).

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and the recaps are really good.

Dawn was such a bitch in this one yes it was really embarrassing that he thought
he was asking Mary Anne out. But how was any of that Mary Anne's fault.

I always thought it was weird that Sharon never said who the call was for. When he
called didn't he ask for Mary Anne? Its not like one was out or something. They were both home.

LovelyDay said...

Dawn was mean to Mary Anne for no reason. I mean it's not like Mary Anne could control this boy's mind. I thought it was weird how Sharon didn't even touch the phone but knew that Jamie Anderson was the caller. I mean the phone was still ringing! Mallory dancing with a redhead boy and Jessi with a black boy looked so awkward and made me cringe inside too. It really shows that the junior members can't have the same freedoms as the older members. Some of Dawn's acting also made me cringe. But I guess I watch this series because I like the cheesiness. Other than that, I liked your recap of this episode. I hope you start posting more babysitters club soon.

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