Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Blog

For the past few months, I have gotten a huge kick out of the sites like BSC Headquarers, Tales of a former walking highlighter, and this Full House one, that seem to exist reliving/making fun of things that were popular when I was a kid. So much so, that I have decided to join the party and start my own blog revisiting my childhood passion, The Baby-Sitters Club books. Yes, it is basically taking an idea from others, but if a world could exist with the BSC and We (heart) Kids, I think a world can exist with several snarky blogs about the BSC. I plan to do reviews with my own twist, and may end up doing some of the spin offs or other series entirely. But really, as a kid these were my first love and I want them to be the focus of this blog.

As evidence of my old Baby-Sitters Club obsession: A photo from my BSC-themed 11th birthday party.

Everyone was supposed to dress up like a BSC member, and I was Kristy. Yes, I made that shirt. AND the hat. Yes, I was that much of a dork. See, Kristy was always my favorite because we shared a name, but I couldn't wear a sweater/turtleneck because my birthday is in July. Hence, the Krushers outfit.

Anyway, I once owned almost every single Baby-Sitters Club book, but it was lost when my parents sold their house. Since, I am now obsessed with rebuilding my collection, I am going to share my thoughts as I reread them. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Had we known each other at age 11, I would've hated you for having that outfit. Kristy was my character because of the Amanda in Kristin Amanda Thomas -- and how sad is it that I remember that? You know come to think of, I'm still a little jealous of that outifit! Great job, by the way! Good luck with the blog and count on the fact that you've got a dedicated reader!

Anonymous said...

That picture is so cute! You even resemble Kristy a bit.

Anonymous said...

A year ago or so I got off work early and was so bored, I passed by a used book store and went in. For some reason instead of heading into the adult section or something a 23 year should do, I went straight for childrens section to see if they had any BSC. I lost my entire collection too, plus all of my American Girl stuff with the original artwork (that I had stolen one at a time from my private school library in the 5th grade!) when my parents divorced and they sold the house, the books were sold in one of the many garage sells we had before moving. Which was fine with me because I was 12 and "too cool" for it anyways..Now I am so obsessed with finding them all!!!! I have most of what the Used Bookstore has in stock, but I need the later years 70-131.

Um anyways, so yeah, I thought i was a total weirdo until I found those sites too and when my mother sees me curled up with "Boy Crazy Stacey" I lovingly remind her that "Babysitters club...is IN"

Anonymous said...

your Kristy's Krushers shirt is awesome!!
much better than the one in the movie.

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh... that picture is full of win.
i dressed up as a stacey/claudia mix when i was in fourth grade for halloween... i looked more like stacey when I was little though...tall, thick blondee hair (wasn't that skinny thogh..... but was proportionate to my height i guess), and light eyes (were greenish hazel though..but close enough).
I so should've had a bsc themed party. I'm jealous

Unknown said...

Oh man. Your party sounds incredible! It actually made me wish for a second that I could go back in time and have my own BSC-themed birthday party. And your picture is made of win.

I love this blog, and am marking it in my favorites. It's nice to have another BSC snark blog, especially now that BSC Headquarters is defunct.

Anonymous said...

I am a huge BSC fan as well, and if you guys want to take a cool quiz and check your skills, I just made one, so please, give it a try


that's the link to the quiz! GOOD LUCK

Anne said...

I love the hat the most. I love the collie cutout :)